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Do not forget the Cross

Life sometimes beats you down and we are left questioning our worth. We live lives that are the opposite of what we have been called for. It's time to reflect on the Cross and what it means for us.


As Easter approaches, I become more conscious of the Death of Christ and all that it represents. I take some time to slow down and reflect and introspect. Sometimes I forget or maybe it's because I take it for granted. I realize I had been looking for other types of validation and love apart from the cross. I ask if I am worth anything, if I am worth any love. I forget that there is this one person who laid down His life for me, endured pain and suffering so that I would live a fuller life as initially intended. Then the question begs, is there any love greater than this? Could there be any greater sacrifice? What then was I searching for? Where else would I have found it except at the cross? For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son. 

As if He was not nothing, He laid his life down and died a sinner's death. As if I was worth everything, the Lamb if God was sacrificed. His sacrifice has shown you are worth it, do not let the world beat you down. His sacrifice has shown you are loved by the greatest love of all, do not wander in loneliness and brokeness. He has called you His friend, because He is willing to show you what He is doing and make you a part of it, do not live a life with no purpose and meaning.  He has reconciled you to Himself, purchased you by His precious blood and nothing shall separate you from Him.

He is the Vine, abide in Him and He will abide in you and you will bear much fruit. Abide in His love and know that His commandments are not a burden but they are freedom to you. Do not forget to remember, you have been called to a new life. Your sins are forgiven, you have been healed, you have been restored. You have been empowered by the Holy Ghost to live in this life you have been called to. His sacrifice was not in vain. 




I exalt you higher than every thought, every god and all desires. You are worth it Yahweh


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